As your child develops, they must be exposed to more challenging situations.

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Our Classes

Cupcakes: This is our infant room.   In this room we follow the parents provided schedule for each individual child. When they reach the age of 1 we will start the process of moving them towards the same schedule.  We believe that each child has different needs and we always do our best to insure that every child's needs are being met. The babies are exposed to music, coloring, arts and crafts, story time, as well as developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day. In this room we spend a lot of time on the floor.  The room is fully carpeted and no outside shoes are allowed on the floor.  


Tiny Toons: In this classroom all children will turn 2 at some point during the school year. During their time in this room children are exposed to a preschool curriculum. They learn their letters, numbers, colors, shapes, seasons and senses. The children have music, story time, and arts and crafts every day with our primary focus on hands on activities. The children are encouraged to play with each other in order to learn how to share. Our program is designed to provide children with the basics before moving into our preschool program. We also begin potty training with every child in this class.


Munchkins: In this classroom all children will turn 3 at some point during the school year.  Our preschool class takes what the children have learned in our Tiny Toons class and expands on it. The hands on activities will begin to incorporate science activities to help teach all of the themes they will learn throughout the year. They begin writing their names and all capital letter as well as numbers 1-10, they start cutting with scissors, are given "jobs" around the class to teach responsibility and learn how to work together and follow directions.  We also spend a lot of time in the class learning to play will each other.  We do a lot of small group activities that are geared towards not only learning, but having fun together.  Potty training does continue in this class if it has not been completed in the Tiny Toons.


Pre-K1: In this classroom all children will turn 4 at some point during the school year. During their time in this class the children will be exposed to a full pre-k curriculum. They will continue to learn how to write all of the letter, both capital and lower case, they will learn numbers 1-20, they have show and tell every week to encourage speaking in front of others, they have arts and crafts, music, science, social studies, story time and free time to still be a kid.  The group will learn how to do an activity together on the floor and then go back to their tables and work on an activity that helps to teach the skill.  We do hands on activities almost every day, sometimes as a group and sometimes individually.  All children must be potty trained prior to entering this class.


Pre-K2: In this classroom all of the children will turn 5 at some point during the school year. In this class we spend our time prepping your child for kindergarten. We teach them all of the social, emotional and educational skills they will need to insure a smooth transition into kindergarten. Our program is with activities focused on developing independent self-help skills, simple problem solving, verbalizing needs and wants, appropriate manners and kindergarten-readiness skills. Our goal is to make sure your child can walk into their kindergarten class having all of the skills needed to have a great 1st year of school.


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Our Paramus Location is now accepting Infants, Toddlers, Preschool and Pre-K. Full and Part time schedules are available for children ages 6 weeks till 5 years old

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The Paramus location opened in 1996 and since then we have strived to build, develop and care for the “total child”…balancing physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. We encourage and challenge children to grow in all aspects of their personalities and development of character. We are teaching them life skills and to make the right choices.


By creating a safe environment, in a warm, caring, loving atmosphere, where teachers support the nurturing and learn your child needs, and take a personal interest in your family’s childcare decision, and where each child’s natural curiosity and creativity is developed, Bells Little Learners is dedicated to provide the foundation to encourage your child’s self-discovery and lifelong love to learning.

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